Powerful software built for supplier diversity and procurement

Avisare's software helps you easily manage and document all aspects of the procurement lifecycle,  including  RFP creation and distribution, supplier matching, certification management, vendor profiles, e-bidding and awards, and data and dashboards. Using other procurement software,? Add Avisare to your procurement toolkit to supercharge your supplier diversity efforts.

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Screenshot of Avisare contracting agency dashboard showing procurement lifecycle funnel graphic

Run your procurement process on Avisare, or supplement your existing software

Vendor profiles and matching

Robust, AI-powered vendor profiles that automatically match to relevant RFPs.

Vendors can
  • Highlight business achievements, case studies and certifications
  • Have multiple contacts and addresses
  • Search for potential partners and all publicly available RFPs

RFP creation or import

Build your RFPs directly on Avisare or import from other systems

RFP features
  • Toggle on requirements for insurance, bonding and more
  • Use custom templates for consistency
  • Ensure completeness and compliance

E-bidding and awards

When activated, vendors respond to RFPs on platform.

  • Streamlined vendor experience
  • More complete data
  • Bid and award data can also be added to the system if awards happen elsewhere.

Certification management

Reduce the complexity and friction of vendor certification.

  • Create your own certification types and requirements
  • Set your approval process
  • Decrease approval times

Data and Dashboards

Get the data you need to show program impact and improvements.

  • For your organizatoin
  • For each RFP
  • Export detailed data

Frequently asked questions

What is supplier diversity management software?

Supplier diversity management software is used by governments, educational and healthcare institutions and corporations to implement and document their supplier diversity initiatives. Supplier diversity initiatives can be designed to direct more of an organization's contracts to small, local, and/or diverse businesses. Supplier diversity programs may include the ability for businesses to be certified (for example as a small, women-owned, minority-owned, or veteran-owned business). Effective supplier diversity programs use software to automate the complex process of matching potential vendors with contract opportunities.

How does vendor matching work?

Avisare automatically compares the RFPs that your organization creates or posts on the system with our pool of vendors, and then immediately notifies the vendors who are a potential match for an RFP offering. That reduces the burden on small businesses of having to track RFPs from multiple organizations, and our system also creates a great way to communicate with and provide additional support for your vendor community.

How can I use the Avisare system for procurement and supplier diversity management?

Avisare is a full-service e-procurement tool for individual agencies or businesses, with a focus on facilitating streamlined vendor matching between small and diverse businesses and appropriate RFPs. You can use Avisare as your all-in one e-procurement solution, by building a vendor network, creating and sharing RFP opportunities, accepting and evaluating RFP responses, and deciding on and communicating contract awards, all on the Avisare system. For organizations that already have a e-procurement system, you can use Avisare as an additional component designed to improve vendor matching and supplier diversity tracking and outcomes. In that case, Avisare will ingest your RFPs and complete the vendor matching and notification process on your behalf. You are able to track the full lifecycle of procurement outcomes through the system.

Where is Avisare hosted?

Avisare is a software as a service (SaaS) product hosted on Amazon Web Services. There is no need for local hosting or setup, which means you can start using Avisare right away. Setup and configuration happens quickly (in days or weeks rather than months) and includes a vendor-facing portal, robust vendor search, administrative and reporting tools, and dashboards and status funnel graphics.

How can regional procurement initiatives use Avisare?

Avisare is the only supplier diversity product built to support the needs of regional procurement initiatives. Avisare's current and forthcoming features are designed to allow multiple organizations to collaborate on expanding vendor contracting opportunities in their local community.