For SMB Vendors

Let’s face it, the government procurement process has always been … frustrating. As a small business you want tools that are convenient, simple, intuitive, and customized. And you want to easily be found for opportunities with Tier 1 contractors. That’s where Avisare comes in.

A better way to compete

Efficient Bidding

Spend less time on research and more time bidding on relevant opportunities from government agencies and Tier 1 contractors.

Customized For You

Get matched by how you describe your services, not with generic NAICS codes. It’s more accurate that way.

Full Transparency

Know where you stand at each step of the process, even when joining a bid team as a subcontractor.


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Why Avisare?

Avisare improves the process of finding, bidding and reporting on government contracts. We use the latest technologies to simplify a complicated and fragmented process. Our secret sauce is that we empower a network of small businesses, like you, because we believe that small businesses deserve a fair chance to compete for government contracts, a multi-trillion dollar industry.

Features that make your job easier. Because who doesn’t like easy?


Universal Business Profile

Register once and manage your data on one profile. You won’t have to register for each new opportunity.

Get Connected

Search for other vendors for joint ventures, partnerships or to jointly bid on opportunities.

Bid Status

See when your proposal has been reviewed or when a potential client is looking at your profile.

Public & Private RFPs

Post RFPs with a simple template to the public network or privately to invited vendors of your choice. All bid responses are captured in the system.

Integrated Network

A truly integrated network for vendors, government agencies and Tier 1 contractors. So there is less time spent going from system to system.

You can do a lot of things with Avisare but here are some you won’t be doing:

  • Registering for each new client
  • Using NAICS codes that don’t really describe your business
  • Receiving alerts about opportunities that in no way match your services
  • Second guessing if your proposal has been reviewed or whether or not a bid has been awarded/canceled
  • Going to every outreach event to get in front of prime contractors


“As our business continues to grow at a fast pace, it has been a pain keeping our value propositions up-to-date across multiple profiles. Avisare’s universal profile allows us to manage one central location that showcases our brand, certifications, and other company highlights so we can put our best foot forward. It’s nice to know that Avisare is going beyond simple NAICS codes that I’ve been dealing with for years, with potential clients able to find me based on our specific services and other intangibles that we bring to the table. Event postings and messaging within the platform has also given us the tools to collaborate with other companies on large projects which is a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

Abdel Tornes


“Avisare continues to go above and beyond when it comes to customer service – from quick response time to always being available to guide us when we’re searching for new contracts to bid on. As a small business, we appreciate the need of reliable, attentive support from a team that is dedicated to helping our outreach efforts. Time is money, and Avisare has empowered us to legitimately compete for large contracts, while cutting marketing costs on our bottom-line with a robust business profile that I’m able to easily share with potential clients and business partners.”

Frank Mendoza

Founder & Chief Catalyst

“It has always been challenging to find the right contract opportunities that are worth our time, while the process is usually complicated and a complete headache to manage. Through the Avisare platform, I’m able to keep track of my bids and know exactly where I stand so I can spend more time growing my business. Avisare is truly built on solving our pain points as a business which has been a game-changer on our view of modern procurement. By leveraging our business profile, there’s nothing like being smart-matched with opportunities that suit our specific products and services – and quite frankly, makes sense for us to pursue. Now that’s an email that I look forward to opening!”

Rose Oldenkamp

Owner / CEO



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