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Avisare works with our customers, vendors, and partners to continually improve and expand strategic procurement.

Company story

Founded in 2015, Avisare provides supplier diversity software to governments and private institutions. Avisare’s certification, supplier matching, automated outreach and program management software is designed for modern organizations and the contractors and vendors who support them.

Avisare creates software that embodies civic responsibility – software that is productive, responsible, caring and contributing. As a small business owned by a woman of color that contracts with government agencies, Avisare understands the challenges and opportunities of democratizing access to public contracts. When certification and sourcing are accessible, fair and open for everyone, great things happen.

Small, local, and diverse businesses deserve a fair chance to compete for government contracts, a multi-trillion-dollar industry, but these businesses have less time and capacity to track Request for Proposal (RFP) opportunities. Similarly, governments and private sector contracting organizations want to support local, small, and diverse businesses, but lack the right tools to make their contracting opportunities easily accessible.  

Avisare is the tech platform to connect these important partners, supporting economic development and local economies. We demystify the RFP process for small and diverse businesses.
Avisare staff presenting to a group of potential customers

Avisare values

  • Empowerment - Avisare’s goal is to empower individuals, small and diverse businesses, and our client institutions and their staff.
  • Collaboration - Avisare runs on networks of businesses, institutions, and technologies. Our work isn’t possible without collaboration.
  • Equity - Avisare is designed to increase equity and access to contracting processes for small and diverse businesses.
  • Transparency - Avisare is designed to provide increased access to contracting opportunities for small and diverse businesses by making those opportunities easier to find and respond to. Additionally, Avisare is dedicated to providing its clients more and better data about their own supplier diversity and contracting activities.
  • Excellence - Avisare strives to provide the best possible experience for our institutional clients and the vendors that use our software. Our goal is to always provide excellent, responsive, and efficient customer support.

Avisare supplements these procurement tools to increase your impact

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