For Government Agencies

Let’s face it, the government procurement process has always been ... frustrating. As a government agency you want tools that are convenient, simple, intuitive, and customized. And you want to make it easy for small businesses to compete for your contracts to help boost the local economy. That’s where Avisare comes in.

A better way to source

Better Access

We make it easier for small businesses to compete for your contracts so you have a more diverse field of vendors to choose from.

Transparent Outreach

Visibility into what Tier 1 contractors are doing for vendor outreach to ensure you are meeting your diversity goals.

Peace of Mind

Track each step with data & analytics to ensure a fair process giving you peace of mind whether you are concerned about potential litigation or investigation.

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Smart Cities

Avisare is a member of the Smart Cities Council and participates in the smart cities initiative which helps local communities harness IT to tackle key challenges. Our features and benefits empower cities to improve an antiquated process, collect data programmatically and empower citizens through technology. The smart cities economic development initiative aligns directly with Avisare’s mission to boost jobs for small businesses in local economies. For more information on our solution for smart cities please feel free to contact us.

Features that make your job easier. Because who doesn’t like easy?


Automated Compliance Reporting

One-click reporting makes compliance a breeze.

Improved Collaboration

Manage the RFP process together as a team.

Integrated Network

A truly integrated network for vendors, government agencies and Tier 1 contractors. So there is less time spent going from system to system.

Targeted Promotion

Promote public business outreach events or selectively invite attendees to special events.

Question & Answer Support

Receive and collaboratively answer questions quickly and conveniently in a public forum. Real-time responses with real results.

Easy RFP Creation & Integration

Collaboratively manage RFPs from our easy templates. Plus, simple hyperlinks into legacy RFP systems.

Public Private Partnerships

Because of Avisare’s integrated network we are well positioned to support Public/Private Partnerships (P3) by allowing information to easily be shared across all entities (public and private). This also includes sharing information between government agencies for things like investment and cooperative purchasing. For more information on Avisare’s commitment to Public/Private Partnerships (P3) please feel free to contact us.

You can do a lot of things with Avisare but here’s some things you won’t be doing:

  • Sorting through a mountain of paper files
  • Second guessing whether or not you have the latest vendor info
  • Wondering if Tier 1 contractors are doing the right outreach
  • Waiting for compliance reports
  • Manually collecting information from every department on small business spend
  • Hearing complaints from the community that small businesses are left out of your process

Meet our government agencies

“Avisare is uniquely situated to assist businesses with a modern platform that can facilitate B2B transactions as well as identify contracting opportunities in the public and private sector.”

Kecia Washington



“Avisare’s platform is both user-friendly and extremely efficient. Posting an RFP takes just minutes because the process is so easy. Customer support is also very responsive, we feel like we are always in the inner circle of new updates and features that are changing the way we think of modern procurement.”

Albert Capili

Administrative Clerk

“At San Jose Water it is our mission to be trusted professionals delivering exceptional quality water and service to customers and communities while protecting the environment and providing a fair return to shareholders. Our Supplier Diversity strategy fits firmly within that mission as an important part of our overall Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. Our Supplier Diversity program relies on Avisare to effectively register potential suppliers and making them available to our supply chain in an accurate, standardized and comprehensive format. Avisare provides San Jose Water with the ability to identify suppliers that want to do business with us, add them to our bid list, engage them through RFx processes and track our results at each phase.”

Tim McLaughlin

Manager of Supplier Diversity and Community Involvement



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